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Entry Requirements

We look forward to welcoming you to the Arena!

When you enter through either of our main entrances, please note that strict security checks and searches are in place and we ask that you don’t bring a (small) bag, unless you really need to.  




  • To speed up entry for all, it is preferred that no bags are brought to the venue.
  • If you do need to bring a bag, only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size (29x21x15cm) - bags or containers larger than this size will not be permitted inside the venue.
  • The venue does not have any facility to store any bags or items larger than the permitted size of 29x21x15cm.  Cloakroom available (at a charge per item) for coats, and for smaller items (within permitted dimensions).  Cloakroom cost is £4 per single item or £7 for a filled bag.

Local storage lockers and storage facilities may be available within the city centre (E.g. Stasher – an external company, not affiliated with the venue). The arena also has an arrangement with The Traders Tavern (6-8 David Street, Cardiff CF10 2EH) for the storage of bags for guests attending the arena events. Please note that you must have a valid show ticket and allow your bag to be searched by the facility. All fees and conditions of storage are the responsibility of The Traders Tavern, and the Utilita Arena Cardiff bears no responsibility for this facility.

Security measures are in place with bag checks and searches on arrival. All bags will be searched.

More information about entry requirements can be found HERE.

Customers who need to bring any medical equipment, medicines or a small amount of food/drink with them to an event to manage a medical condition are asked to make this known to the venue prior to arrival. This is to avoid any security related concerns to allow us to ensure you enjoy your experience. All bags will be searched, but please contact our Access Team HERE for more assistance.

  • See our FAQ's for further details.

After you pass through security, your ticket will be scanned as you enter and our stewards are always on hand to help make your visit to the Arena as enjoyable as possible.


Restricted items include (but are not limited to):

A    Weapons of any kind.

B    Illegal drugs and substances, including unmarked liquid or pill medication bottles. Legally prescribed medications may be permitted if in a prescription bottle/container with a pharmacy-generated label containing the individual’s name – subject to verification via valid identification. Any other medications are considered on a case-by-case basis on site.

C    Bags and containers larger than 29x21x15cm

D    Alcohol, cans and bottles. 

E    Food or drink (unless required due to a pre-existing condition which is supported with medical evidence in accordance with C).

F    Laser pens or pointers

G    Cameras (including; professional cameras, tablets, camera stand, lenses & selfie sticks).

H    Fireworks, fire-starters, and open flames.

I    Audio recording equipment, noise-making devices.

J    Skateboards and rollerblades, hover-boards, scooters, bicycles, and other personal motorized and non-motorized vehicles.

K    Non-service animals/animals not used by those with a disability.

L    Unauthorized solicitation or marketing materials (e.g., handbills, flyers, stickers).

M    Any item deemed to be dangerous by the General Manager (the designated responsible person for the overall general event operations and implementing this policy).

N    All unapproved unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones unless expressly authorized in accordance with LNE’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy.

O   Clothing with prejudicial or explicit wording.




1    Fancy dress or costume accessories

2    Football shirts

3    Flags or large signs

4    Cups or glasses sold on Merch (in which case must be sold at the end of the event)